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Measure the climate impact of your waste management policies

The MiZA Carbon Calculator is the perfect tool for European municipalities to help measure the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission impacts from current and future waste prevention policies – such as deposit refund schemes (DRS) for refillables, reuse activities and many more zero waste and circular economy actions – going beyond just waste management calculations.

Why a Carbon Calculator?

By increasing the heat in the atmosphere, greenhouse gases (GhG) are the main responsible for global warming worldwide. To fight this global tendency, we all need to embrace a new mindset that focuses on resource rather than waste management and we should start locally; municipalities and SMEs must accelerate their circular economy transition and zero waste implementation.

But how can cities be sure that their waste management and prevention actions have positive climate impacts?

GhG emissions are the most common way to measure the climate impacts of a policy. They help bring the environmental aspect to the discussion alongside the social and economic implications of it when assessing the effects on communities.

How does it work?

The MiZA Carbon Calculator is an easy-to-use excel-based software, developed by Inèdit and tailored for European Municipalities with a unique focus on the upper levels of the Zero Waste Hierarchywaste prevention and reuse.

From the datasets provided regarding present and future (‘what-if’) scenarios, it helps assess the carbon balance of the zero waste strategies, identifying the changes in the city’s waste-related GhG emissions before and after implementing them. This will help you save money and time and make informed and environmentally conscious decisions.

Using the tool is very easy:

  1. Purchase and download the tool.
  2. Fill in your “what-if” situation (with the support of our technical experts).
  3. Let the tool do its work and show your current environmental impact, the potential zero waste strategies that can lower this impact, as well as the financial benefits of implementing them.
  4. Implement the strategies you choose to prioritize.
  5. Use the calculator to track your progress over time and compare data of different years.

How can it help you?

  • Ready-made and easy to use. In just few steps, the Calculator provides you with insightful data that will help you make informed policy decisions and boost your zero waste implementation. Is some of the requested data missing? We got you covered: the Calculator has been equipped with lots of ready-made datasets and background assessments for specific circular actions like, for example, replacing single use cups with reusables or repairing computers.
  • Holistic. The Calculator offers a lifecycle approach to calculate the benefits of zero waste measures, focusing on waste prevention and reuse and not just disposal and recycling.
  • Accurate. The MiZA Carbon Calculator has been developed to give you the most accurate results in the less amount of time, following the IPCC guidelines for comparable results and allowing you to supplement/replace the calculator background data with your own where and when available.
  • Sustainable. Thanks to the tool, you can easily visualise the contribution of your waste management policies towards reducing harmful emissions and estimate the potentail environmental effect of different future scenarios.
  • Support. Making carbon footprint calculations is very time consuming and requires a lot of expertise to get it right. Alongside with the tool, you will gain access to our technical support on both the use of the tool and the analysis of the outcome. The numbers of hours included depends on the subscription you chose.

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