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MiZA Coordination Team


MiZA Coordinator

As MiZA’s Coordinator, Kaisa is responsible for the overall development of the Academy, as well as the management and expansion of our service offers.
An expert in accelerating systemic change, Kaisa has an educational background in environmental engineering and currently pursuing a leadership and service design MBA. She previously worked as a consultant for companies, organisations, and events, helping them establish environmental management systems, sustainability training, life cycle assessments, and waste management plans. Just before taking up the coordination of MiZA, Kaisa worked for a reuse centre and environment school, where she designed services related to sustainability education in order to keep discarded materials in use for a longer period of time.

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Digital Marketing and Communication Officer

Chiara is MiZA’s Digital Marketing and Communication Officer. She supports Ana and Kaisa on the implementation of the Academy’s services offer, marketing strategies and community-building activities.
Chiara graduated with honors as a Doctor in English and Spanish languages and cultures with a Second Cycle Degree in Language, Society and Communication at the University of Bologna. She challenged herself many times living, studying and working abroad which helped her better understand the environmental crisis we are facing nowadays and the urgency to get involved, helping communities to be sensitive about the matter and to implement more renewable strategies to preserve our world and future. After her studies, she completed a Master in Web and Social Media Marketing and gained experience within the Marketing & Sales department of a BTB consulting company specialised in occupational health and safety, environment and legal counseling, helping other Italian SMEs to comply with the national legislation in terms of waste management & pollution.

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