5 ways to take your city’s zero waste journey to the next level – A conversation with Gabriele Folli

23rd November 2021 - 2:00 PM (CET)

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Located in Northern Italy, in the region of Emilia Romagna – one of the top waste producers among Italian regions – the city of Parma, with almost 200.000 inhabitants, is a vivid example of a successful transition from traditional waste to resource management and zero waste implementation.

Starting from a separate collection system of around 48% and a high rate in terms of waste generation, in just 4 years, the City Council, alongside its citizens, achieved significant results:

  • Total waste generation reduced by 15%
  • Separate collection from 48.5% to 81%
  • Residual waste rate decreased by 58%
  • Reduction in the waste bill for the citizens
  • Increase in the number of jobs connected to waste management.

Gabriele Folli, at the time appointed Deputy Mayor for the Environment and Mobility in the Municipality of Parma, took part in Parma’s transition, focusing his mandate on the implementation of a waste collection system based on zero waste principles, a kerbside separate collection and pay-as-you-throw billing systems in the whole community.

During this one-hour free webinar, we will be sitting down with Gabriele to talk about what actions had been put in place in Parma and what strategies are currently carried out to boost Parma’s transition, offering 5 useful tips on how to bring your city’s zero waste journey to the next level.

Participants will get an opportunity to ask questions to the speaker during the webinar.

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In this webinar, you will learn:

  • 5 key solutions to accelerate your city’s circular transition;
  • How a city with almost 200.000 inhabitants, like Parma, managed to completely change its waste collection system in less than 5 years, reaching 80% separate collection rate;
  • The main successful zero waste strategies currently in place in Parma, as well as their main challenges and how they have overcome them.


Gabriele Folli
Communication Manager

Gabriele Folli, born in 1967 in Parma (Italy), has been nominated in 2012 as Deputy Mayor for the Environment and Mobility in the Municipality of Parma, a city in the north of Italy with almost 200.000 inhabitants. While having returned to his former occupation in the private sector, he remains a member of Zero Waste Europe’s pool of experts, sharing his zero waste and circular economy knowledge in conferences and seminars.

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