Green claims and new packaging rules, a conversation with Margaux Le Gallou, Programme Manager at ECOS

6th June 2024 - 2:00 PM (CET)

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European companies in the hospitality industry will be faced with new policies impacting the business as usual approach to environmental claims and packaging. Join our conversation on the upcoming Green Claims directive and new packaging rules to find out what is changing, when and how you can make the changes . 


In the absence of specific rules on claims regarding the ‘green’ nature of products and services, how can consumers be sure that such claims are reliable, comparable, and verifiable throughout the EU? What is happening to take-away containers and what kind of packaging will be allowed for hotel shampoos and dine-in cutlery in the Europe of tomorrow?

Join us for a conversation with Margaux Le Gallou, Programme Manager at ECOS, as we dive into the upcoming Green Claims Directive, a game-changer for environmental claims.

We will dive into the changes it brings for substantiating businesses’ environmental claims, understand new verification requirements, and learn about the impact on environmental labelling schemes. We will also explore the options to comply with the new packaging regulations. Be prepared to navigate these regulatory shifts and ensure compliance for your business.

Our partner

ECOS is an international NGO with a network of members and experts advocating for environmentally friendly technical standards, policies and laws. ECOS ensures the environmental voice is heard when policies are developed and drives change by providing expertise to policymakers and industry players, leading to the implementation of strong environmental principles.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Understand the key provisions of the upcoming Green Claims Directive and its impact on businesses’ environmental claims.
  • Understand the changes and their timelines on packaged foods and products for hotels and restaurants and how to comply with them
  • Gain insights into the new requirements for substantiating environmental claims and verification processes.
  • Learn about the implications for environmental labelling schemes and how to ensure compliance for your business.


Margaux Le Gallou

Margaux Le Gallou is Programme Manager for environmental information and assessment at ECOS, Environmental Coalition on Standards. She works to improve standards and legislation on green claims, greenwashing, digital product passports, and lifecycle assessment, coordinating horizontally across the organisation. Prior to joining ECOS, she worked on policies to support eco-innovation and the circular economy. She holds an MA in international affairs and political sciences, and an MA in economics.

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