Transitioning a nation to zero waste by 2050 – A conversation with Dr Andy Rees OBE

14th September 2021 - 2:00 PM (CET)

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In this one-off special, we will be joined by Dr Andy Rees OBE, Head of Waste Strategy in the Welsh Government’s Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy Division.

Dr Andy Rees has played a leading role in the creation of Wales’ pioneering ‘Beyond Recycling’ strategy, which sets Wales’s ambitious goals of becoming zero waste, with net-zero carbon emissions, by the year 2050.

Over the past decade, Wales has become one of Europe’s highest-performing countries in terms of recycling. This has been based upon a door to door separate collection system that prioritises quality and community engagement, as captured in the Zero Waste Cities’ recent case study on Newport City Council.

During this one-hour webinar, we will be sitting down with Andy to understand what policies and measures the Welsh government has outlined as crucial to reaching these goals by 2050.

Participants will get an opportunity to ask questions to Dr Rees during the webinar.

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In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What has been behind Wales’ highly successful recycling programme nationally;
  • The recent moratorium announced by the Welsh government banning the building of any new waste-to-energy plants over the size of 10MW, and what this means for waste incineration nationally;
  • How the Welsh government views the relationship between its zero waste, circular economy and zero carbon emissions goals;
  • What are the biggest challenges and priorities facing the Welsh government today in its ambition to become zero waste and carbon neutral by 2050.


Dr Andy Rees OBE
Head of Waste Strategy in the Welsh Government’s Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy Division.

Andy has 41 years experience of working in the environmental field. He has been Head of Waste Strategy at the Welsh Government for the last 21 years and is responsible for waste and circular economy strategy policy.  Andy was awarded an OBE for ‘services to the environment and recycling in Wales’ in the New Year Honours 2019.

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