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Director of the Mission Zero Academy

As MiZA’s Director, Kaisa is responsible for the overall development of the Academy, as well as the management and expansion of our service offers.
An expert in accelerating systemic change, Kaisa has an educational background in environmental engineering and currently pursuing a leadership and service design MBA. She previously worked as a consultant for companies, organisations, and events, helping them establish environmental management systems, sustainability training, life cycle assessments, and waste management plans. Just before taking up the coordination of MiZA, Kaisa worked for a reuse centre and environment school, where she designed services related to sustainability education in order to keep discarded materials in use for a longer period of time.

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Business Development Manager

As MiZA’s Business Development Manager, Solène designs strategies, engages and supports key partners, municipalities and businesses in accelerating their transition to zero waste; providing them with a seamless experience all the way through their certification journey in a comprehensive and integrated way.
A people-oriented and trilingual business development expert, Solène has an educational background in finance and has previously worked in China for 7 years, providing advisory services in areas of construction, human resources, and tax advisory to foreign companies; and bringing all-round custom solutions for their global expansion projects, from early project definition to operational launch.

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