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Empowering Communities with Comprehensive Zero Waste Training

Our Pedagogy

At Mission Zero Academy (MiZA), we offer comprehensive training courses designed to empower municipalities, businesses, and their communities with the knowledge and skills needed for an effective transition to zero waste and sustainable practices. Born from Zero Waste Europe’s Zero Waste Cities and Communities program, our academy’s courses address the critical gap in technical support for municipalities, businesses, and their communities eager to embrace the circular economy. Our science-based pedagogy places learners at the center, engaging them in practical tasks and real-life applications to ensure they develop tangible competencies.

Customized courses are also available for local organizations willing to sponsor specific sessions addressing knowledge gaps. We can deliver trainings in all EU languages to ensure accessibility. Join our courses to become an active player in the circular economy, recognized for your ambitious efforts in waste management and environmental stewardship.

Our Courses Catalogue

Our Customized Courses

Zero Waste Ambassador and Zero Waste Trainer Programs

Enhance your zero waste competencies and learn how to drive your community towards long-term systemic change. Gain essential concepts and practical knowledge on implementing zero waste strategies. This is perfect for those actively working with various stakeholders and influencing decision-making in regional governance.

This program provides a framework and principles for teaching essential concepts and practical knowledge on zero waste and other complex topics. Ideal for those conducting workshops, training sessions, or public presentations about the circular economy and zero waste, it will help you become more effective in your role.

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