Circular Economy, Waste Management

An introduction guide to zero waste for municipalities
Circular Economy

Why separate collection of biowaste is fundamental for a circular economy
Climate Change

How putting a carbon tax on incinerator's emissions will help prepare for a greener future
Climate Change

A burning issue: why waste-to-energy incineration is not a sustainable solution to reducing emissions
Zero Waste Cities Certification

How long does it take to become a Zero Waste Certified City?
Zero Waste Cities Certification

How do I become a Zero Waste Certified City?
Zero Waste Cities Certification

How do I become a Zero Waste Candidate City?
Climate Change

Zero Waste for Zero Emissions
Island of Krk Press release
Press release

The island of Krk becomes the latest Zero Waste Candidate City
ZWC Certification

Munich on the way to becoming a Zero Waste Certified City
Press release, ZWC Certification

The City of Kiel becomes a Zero Waste Candidate City
Zero Waste Cities Certification

Why should I join the Zero Waste Cities Certification?
First Zero Waste Pre-Certified Building in Romania
Press release, ZW Building Certification

The first office building in Romania on the road towards Zero Waste
ZWC Certification

The Zero Waste Cities Certification
Mission Zero Academy

Welcome to the Mission Zero Academy (MiZA)!

What is MiZA?

The Mission Zero Academy (MiZA) is the capacity-building hub for local decision-makers, SMEs, and other organisations wanting to take a step forward in their zero waste strategies and circular economy implementation. An ally you can lean on for expertise and training, MiZA is an evidence-based and reliable support system that will support and guide you as you increase and improve your sustainable resource management and zero waste practices.

Find out more about our Mission and Vision here.

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What can MiZA do for you?

MiZA is committed to offer the best evidence-based and high-quality training, mentoring, and certification solutions for its customers. At the same time, it provides certified tools to improve training performance. By registering with MiZA, you will find a wide range of educational material, such as courses and training resources on waste management and circular economy topics. You will join expert-led Webinars and inspiring Study Tours and Workshops.

Discover more about what we do.


Is MiZA the right thing for you?

Whether you are a Mayor who would like to implement zero waste practices in your city and get our prestigious Zero Waste City Certification; the CEO of a small-medium or large enterprise committed to enact a zero waste business model; or a campaigner from an NGO – MiZA can help you. We will be with you every step of the way as you improve your zero waste practices and achieve your goals.

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