Each year 2.12 billion tons of waste are produced in the world. The need for a more sustainable and fair waste management system, based on circularity and zero waste principles, is pressing.

We need to accelerate the zero waste implementation.
Join the European transition today!


The Academy

The capacity-building hub for SMEs and Municipalities, offering expert-led courses, educational materials, workshops, study tours, free webinars and much more that guide and support you along your zero waste transition.

Zero Waste Certification

We do not waste your efforts. We own robust and highly recognized Zero Waste Certification standards, both for cities and businesses, which ensure that your actions and efforts are effective, meaningfull, and well-recognised.

Zero Waste Tools

Bring your zero waste implementation to the next level with our easy-to-use and ready-made tools that help you measure your waste management actions, track your progress and even predict future scenarios that will ease your decision making progress.

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