The Carbon Calculator

Measure the climate impact of your waste management policies

Becoming a zero waste city is a long process, which involves continuous work, time, money and effort. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know if your zero waste actions are truly sustainable and environmental-friendly, and for that, you need data to make informed decisions. By increasing the heat in the atmosphere, greenhouse gases (GhG) are the main responsible for global warming worldwide. That is why they are the most common way to measure the climate impacts of a policy.

Mission Zero Academy developed a tool that is perfected for European municipalities to measure the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission impacts from current and future waste policies. The MiZA Carbon Calculator has a unique focus on waste prevention, reuse, preparation for reuse, recycling and disposal activities – going beyond just waste management calculations.

You can count the so-called ‘avoided and added emissions’ calculations, which are the calculations of the emissions generated by the avoided and added processes and products implemented during the city’s zero waste transition. With this unique feature, the Carbon Calculator is the first tool to offer a holistic lifecycle approach to calculate the benefits of current and future zero waste strategies and scenarios.

The Carbon Calculator

Carbon Calculator

1. Ready-made and easy to use  

  • Insightful data  
  • Ready-made datasets and background assessments

2. Holistic  

  • Lifecycle approach to calculate the benefits of zero waste measures  
  • Focused on waste prevention and reuse

3. Accurate  

  • Most accurate results in very little time 
  • Follows the IPCC guidelines

4. Sustainable  

  • Visualise the contribution of your waste management policies towards reducing harmful emissions 
  • Estimate the potential environmental effect of different future scenarios

5. Including support  

  • Access to technical support 
  • Focused on the use of the tool and the analysis of the outcome

How it works

Choose your plan depending on the hours of technical support you need: Standard (5h), Pro (20h) or Turn Key (50h).

Carbon Calculator - how it works

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