Who we are

Our Mission and Vision

Mission Zero Academy (MiZA) is the capacity – building hub for local decision-makers, SMEs, and other organisations wanting to take a step forward in their zero waste strategies and circular economy implementation.

With this in mind, and with our focus on evidence-based and expert-approved methods, MiZA supports public and private sector professionals. We provide:

  • tried-and-tested solutions
  • qualified-expert training
  • case studies
  • useful tools
  • downloadable resources
  • online and offline training materials on resource management and circular economy topics

First devised in 2018 but officially established in March 2021, MiZA is the spin-off of the European non-governmental organisation Zero Waste Europe (ZWE). ZWE focuses on reducing and preventing waste in our society by supporting and nurturing communities across Europe in their journey towards zero waste. They do this through sustainable strategies and implementation of circular economy practices. 

Find out more about Zero Waste Europe and its programmes here.


MiZA aims to be a trusted, widely-recognised, user-friendly one-stop-shop for zero waste upstream and downstream solutions, resources, and information in Europe at local level. With this, we seek to bridge the knowledge gap in the transition towards zero waste practices.


MiZA wants to accelerate the transition towards zero waste strategies, making them fully effective and widespread; and keep the term ‘zero waste’ applicable to evidence-based and trustworthy solutions, protecting it from misappropriation by greenwashing practices.

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