Anne-Fleur Hug


Zero Waste Toulouse

Job title




Working Area


Languages spoken

French (Native), English (Fluent), Chinese (Intermediate)

Personal bio

As a co-creator of the association Zero Waste Toulouse in 2017, Anne-Fleur developed specialist knowledge in the field of waste and environmental issues, skills which she was able to put into practice as an advocacy officer at Zero Waste France in 2019. Since 2020, Anne-Fleur has worked as a project coordinator for Zero Waste Toulouse, focusing on trainings, zero waste family challenges, workshops, etc.

MiZA accreditation type

  • Zero Waste Businesses Accredited Mentor
  • Zero Waste Trainer

Zero Waste expertise

  • Reuse & Repair Initiatives
  • Waste Prevention
  • Single-use Plastic Prevention
  • Awareness raising through training

Project experiences

  • 2-day trainings to waste reduction and ways to raise awareness for local environmental officers and representatives, volunteers, activity leaders, communication officers, social housing landlords, etc. Client : Toulouse Métropole (2021/2023)
  • 3-hour trainings to waste reduction and regulations aimed at restaurants (part of a bigger project to help restaurants to reduce waste) Client : Toulouse Métropole (2021/2023)
  • Co-piloting a zero-waste family challenge project (5 territories and over 100 households supported over 6 months each year) Client : Toulouse Métropole (2021/2023)
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