Jaka Kranjc



Job title

Secretary General



Working Area

Croatia, Poland, Slovenia

Languages spoken

Slovenian (Native), English (Fluent)

Personal bio

Jaka is the leading waste management expert at Društvo Ekologi brez meja, a leading Slovenian environmental NGO. A full-time environmentalist since 2009, he has worked at grassroots, organizational, and national policy levels on waste prevention projects, zero waste strategies, and the challenges of illegally dumped waste. He contributes to various open-source and open-knowledge projects in his spare time and loves spending time in the mountains.

MiZA accreditation type

  • Zero Waste Cities Accredited Mentor
  • Zero Waste Businesses Accredited Mentor
  • Zero Waste Cities Accredited Auditor
  • Zero Waste Business Accredited Auditor
  • Zero Waste Trainer

Zero Waste expertise

  • Biowaste
  • Climate
  • Recycling
  • Waste Prevention
  • Strategy Development
  • Prevention of Food Waste
  • Single-use Plastic Prevention
  • Separate Collection of Recyclables and Residual Waste
  • Engaging Communities in Zero Waste Initiatives
  • Textiles, WEEE

Project experiences

  • Leading the network of Slovenian cities on the way to zero waste since 2018 (association hosts it since 2014) both as a provider of strategic guidance, a facilitator, an implementer and mentor to cities and teammates. For most of the early cities the customer was the waste management company, for others typically the municipality itself, and the main result was their zero waste strategy and the process that led to it. For some also the transition to the MiZA certification.
  • Preparing the zero waste action plan for the Ljubljana Marathon in 2015, which entailed measures all throughout the process of organising the event, including a triage system for easier selection of measures for the first year and an evaluation post festum. Several institutions were involved, but in the end the fiscal customer was the waste management company.
  • For the French public institution AVITEM we developed, in 2019, together with the ZWE office, a multilingual guidebook for Mediterranean cities that wish to go zero waste, held a few workshops and provided minor guidance. It was part of a larger project that got severely restrained by the pandemic, so our impact was diminished.
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