Kadri Kalle


Let's Do It Foundation

Job title

Education program manager



Working Area

Denmark, Estonia, Latvia

Languages spoken

Estonian (Native), English (Fluent)

Personal bio

Kadri Kalle (MSc) has expertise in environmental protection, educational psychology and experience in education for sustainable development (ESD). She worked as a green university specialist at Estonian University of Life Sciences for five years. She has been teaching courses on environmental awareness and sustainability in 5 Estonian universities for several years. She coordinated the development of Zero Waste Ambassador and Trainer curricula and was chief editor of Zero Waste Training Handbook. She was also part of the team compiling the report to Estonian Ministry of Environment on the circular economy potential in food sector in Estonia.
She is also a co-founder of Acento – sustainable events – company that consults and supports event organisers in their environmental efforts. Kadri also has a chef’s qualification and has worked as a chef for five years.

MiZA accreditation type

  • Zero Waste Businesses Accredited Mentor
  • Zero Waste Business Accredited Auditor
  • Zero Waste Trainer

Zero Waste expertise

  • Reuse & Repair Initiatives
  • Waste Prevention
  • Strategy Development
  • Prevention of Food Waste
  • Single-use Plastic Prevention
  • Separate Collection of Recyclables and Residual Waste
  • Staff training

Project experiences

  • Waste management coordination at I Land Sound festival (annually since 2019) Co-leading the waste management side of the 4-day summer festival in Saaremaa, Estonia (ca 3000 people). Achievements: - residual waste generation per person per day: 120 g - less than 30% residual waste from the total waste created - A Greener Future awarded the festival in 2023 the European award for Most Circular Event
  • Consultation and onsite support for the Estonian Song and Dance Festival (2023) Supporting the use of reusable tableware and separate waste collection at the biggest national event in Estonia, in Tallinn (over 100 000 people, altogether 7 days). Supported the team in their public tender for reuse service provider and inspected the situation onsite. Achievements: - first event in the Baltic region to organise so big event fully with reusables - residual waste generation dropped from 178 g of waste per person in 2019 to 60 g of waste per person in 2023 - recycling rate rose to 69% compared to around 10% in 2019
  • Zero Waste Ambassador training for Pärnu Development Centre (January 2023) Being one of the trainer raining municipality representatives, company owners and community leaders in Pärnu county in Estonia zero waste principles, with the focus on Zero Waste City systems (5 day training, 20 participants). Achievements: - Pärnu Development Centre was so inspired that they decided to co-organise the 2nd Estonian Zero Waste Conference with us - couple of participants have been in communication with the city representatives in terms of zero waste goals - couple of participants from municipalities have shown support in zero waste questions to other municipality workers from other counties
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