Lucero Mariani Salaberry

Job title

Zero waste consultant and educator



Working Area

Belgium, France, Spain

Languages spoken

French (Native), Spanish (Native ), English (Fluent ), Italian (Intermediate )

Personal bio

A biologist and ecologist at heart, Lucero has a PhD in soil ecology from the university of Paris VI. She researched earthworm, mite and milipede impacts on soil functions for 13 years in the French West Indies, Colombia, Canada and Japon.
Concerned by the rapid decline in biodiversity and by the impacts of climate change, she searched for a way to contribute to sustainability, joy and social justisce for all people. In 2015, while taking part in promoting all the local initiatives able to preserve the climate with the Alternatiba Rouen initiative, she created the working group on zero waste which became a year later the local chapter of Zero Waste France in Rouen.
Lucero specialized in organizing effervescent gatherings where people are experimenting together and take home tools to preserve natural resources.
In her free time she enjoys reading, walking in the forests of Normandy, organizing open mics events, telling stories, singing, practising Tai chi and Qi Gong, and learning about a wide range of subjects.

MiZA accreditation type

  • Zero Waste Businesses Accredited Mentor

Zero Waste expertise

  • Biowaste
  • Climate
  • Reuse & Repair Initiatives
  • Recycling
  • Waste Prevention
  • Strategy Development
  • Prevention of Food Waste
  • Single-use Plastic Prevention
  • Organics Management and Composting
  • Engaging Communities in Zero Waste Initiatives
  • Prevention of numerical pollution

Project experiences

  • Project management, communication and public speaking for 5 public events cooking and enjoying all the leftovers from 5 food markets and more involving local initiatives / spring and summer 2023 / Rouen metropolitan area. Some of the results were : *778 Kg of food collected from 6 markets and 9 shops * 155 volunteers and 22 organizations involved *1275 direct beneficiaries *only reusable dishes used *all biowaste composted *a press and social media campaign on preventing food waste
  • Reducing waste and increasing public awarness at a series of cultural events / Les rendez-vous de la cervelle by art compagny Le nom du titre / Rouen metropolitan area / 2017 to 2019. Lucero did mentoring to reduce waste and participated in 9 public events gathering 200 to 300 people each for a total of 2200 people in the public. Some of the resultats were: * elimination of single plastic items for food served * mention of zero waste in all public communications for these events * at each event discussions with the public on daily sustainability around a table with reusable items * for 6 events creation and interpretation of a 3 minute show performed on the main stage
  • Coaching on waste prevention 2 classrooms with 43 children 7 to 8 years old and 2 professors / City of Malaunay, Normandy / 2019 / Some of actions taken by the children were: * weighed their waste at home and in the classroom for several weeks * writing articles on waste prevention * choosing with their parents actions to refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle their waste * learning to make products and objects they use daily. Some of the results were: * drastic waste reduction in classrooms *practical knowlege and motivation shared with other schools and families
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