Daniella Menendez

Job title

Circular Consultancy, Zero Waste Consultant



Working Area

Spain, United Kingdom, United States

Languages spoken

English (Native), Spanish (Intermediate)

Personal bio

Daniella is a Zero Waste Consultant with over 7 years experience in the field. Most recently her work has assisted U.S. cities in developing zero waste plans. She is an avid hiker and loves to connect to nature as much as possible.

MiZA accreditation type

  • Zero Waste Cities Accredited Mentor
  • Zero Waste Businesses Accredited Mentor
  • Zero Waste Business Accredited Auditor

Zero Waste expertise

  • Strategy Development

Project experiences

  • GAIA (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives): Drafted public comment for 2 U.S federal legislation and researched and wrote a research paper on Anaerobic Digestion.
  • Abbe and Associates: Assisted in drafting ZW plans for U.S. cities: Berkeley, California, Hennepin County, Washington D.C. Other projects: San Francisco Building Resources and Supply Reuse Project.
  • San Francisco Department of the Environment: City Government Zero Waste Assistant Coordinator and Environmental Outreach Aide - implementing programming of ZW policy by providing outreach and technical assistance to City departments and the public.
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