Mirell Merirand


Let's Do It Foundation

Job title

Zero Waste Trainer



Working Area


Languages spoken

Estonian (Native ), English (Fluent), Russian (Intermediate )

Personal bio

Mirell’s passion for zero waste is deeply rooted in textiles and sustainable fashion. She founded Tekstiiliringlus with the goal of promoting environmentally friendly practices and extending the life of textiles. Through her company, Mirell brings together manufacturers, industry experts, young fashion designers, and professionals to create awareness and make a positive impact. Tekstiiliringlus achieves this through workshops, training sessions, and various projects.

In her free time, Mirell enjoys spending time at her zero waste cottage, where she indulges in reading, walking, jogging, and organizing her household.


MiZA accreditation type

  • Zero Waste Businesses Accredited Mentor
  • Zero Waste Trainer

Zero Waste expertise

  • Strategy Development

Project experiences

  • Zero Waste Ambassador Training for Tallinn Strategic Management Office Dates: February 21, 2024 - April 23, 2024 Mirell conducted a rigorous Zero Waste Ambassador training program for the Tallinn Strategic Management Office in Tallinn. The group was highly demanding, posing a significant challenge to introduce new concepts. However, they showed a keen interest in supporting psychological needs related to adopting sustainable behaviors. Key insights from the training included: Understanding why people resist adopting new behaviors, even when beneficial in the long run, such as waste sorting. Learning how to correctly interpret data on waste streams. Recognizing that effective training hinges on the knowledge and attitudes of the group. Mirell emphasized the importance of being attentive and adapting the delivery method to suit the group's dynamics, despite the theoretical material remaining largely consistent.
  • Tallinn City Government Dates: May - June 2024 Mirell conducted waste sorting training sessions for the citizens of Tallinn, organized by the Tallinn City Government. During these sessions, she addressed common misconceptions and provided a comprehensive understanding of the importance of waste sorting. Key insights from the training included: Many citizens initially did not understand the necessity of waste sorting. However, by explaining environmental and circular economy concepts, Mirell helped them see the bigger picture and gain a systemic view, enhancing their understanding. Participants began to understand Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes and their relation to packaging waste streams. Mirell emphasized that involving people is crucial for systemic change. She highlighted that when directives are issued as commands, people are often reluctant to comply without understanding the reasons behind them.
  • CARE Project: Promoting Sustainable Living Project Website: CARE Project Horizon Europe Project Dates: January 1, 2024 - ongoing Role: Textile Expert and Zero Waste Trainer Mirell is a textile expert and zero waste trainer for the CARE project, an innovative initiative under Horizon Europe. CARE aims to promote sustainable living and combat climate change by focusing on everyday habits related to food and clothing. Over the next four years, the project will empower 100 households in five European countries to reduce their environmental impact. CARE will collaborate closely with citizens to develop tailored, inclusive, and free advisory services and interventions to support sustainable consumption practices beyond 2027. Today's insights from the project include: Many people do not recognize that textile overproduction and waste are significant environmental issues. There is a lack of awareness that cheap fabrics and fast fashion can pose health risks. Young people often lack the skills to mend clothes, highlighting the need for education in sustainable practices.
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