Vanja Cicmil


Zero Waste Montenegro

Job title

CEO of Zero Waste Montenegro



Working Area


Languages spoken

Montenegrin (Native), Serbian/Bosnian (Native ), Croatian (Fluent), English (Fluent )

Personal bio

Vanja’s journey evolved from leading projects, translating studies, and participating in numerous trainings and knowledge exchanges to becoming the Executive Director of NGO Zero Waste Montenegro. She has gained expertise in waste management by designing and overseeing many waste prevention projects and conducting analyses of national and local legislation on waste management.

Her contributions extend to becoming a MIZA-accredited mentor and auditor for the European Zero Waste certification program. Vanja is a sought-after speaker and trainer, sharing her knowledge at various conferences, events and study tours. Her work with municipalities and businesses demonstrates her commitment to addressing the pressing challenges of waste management and promoting the principles of zero waste and circular economy.
She is driven to work for the common good and finds inner peace in nature.

MiZA accreditation type

  • Zero Waste Businesses Accredited Mentor

Zero Waste expertise

  • Waste Prevention
  • Strategy Development
  • Engaging Communities in Zero Waste Initiatives

Project experiences

  • Assistant auditor for three municipalities Vrhnika, Borovnica & Log-Dragomer, Ljubljana, Slovenia - measure the performance of their zero waste strategy against the full list of criteria set out in the certification. (2022)
  • Consultant for Tuzi Municipality, Montenegro - implementing separate waste collection system based on Zero Waste methodology, training stakeholders in Tuzi Municipality (public utility company, municipality, agriculture and citizens) on zero waste, separate waste collection, organic waste management, composting, etc. (2024)
  • Trainer for Gusinje Municipality, Montenegro and Ivanjica, Serbia - a study visit aimed at understanding waste management practices in Gusinje, the first city in Montenegro working towards zero waste with actionable recommendations based on the Zero Waste principles. (2023)
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