Lilas Sultan


Zero Waste Toulouse

Job title

Project Coordinator



Working Area


Languages spoken

French (Native), English (Native), Spanish (Fluent)

Personal bio

After studying foreign languages applied to sustainable development projects, Lilas began working in the waste management sector across public, private, and non-profit organizations. Specializing in waste reduction, Lilas helps organizations and individuals rethink consumption patterns and explore alternatives to minimize human impact on resources, biodiversity, social justice, and other issues related to overconsumption in a global society.

In her free time, Lilas enjoys engaging in conversations with like-minded individuals who share her vision for a more sustainable society. She delves beyond mainstream ideas to gain a better understanding of what is at stake and how we can collectively and individually act on it. Lilas also enjoys playing the guitar (badly, but with fun) and traveling with her bicycle.

MiZA accreditation type

  • Zero Waste Businesses Accredited Mentor

Zero Waste expertise

  • Reuse & Repair Initiatives
  • Single-use Plastic Prevention
  • Separate Collection of Recyclables and Residual Waste
  • Engaging Communities in Zero Waste Initiatives

Project experiences

  • 2021 - Diagnostic for a project of watse reduction in a company that sells cleaning products - analyse the initial process of delivery with single use containers - identify the existing solutions for reusable containers - establish a strategy for new delivery process and container cleaning and refill
  • 2022 - Waste reduction project with households for Toulouse Metropole - recruiting housholds for the project - building a strategy to accompany the household in waste reduction - animation of workshops
  • 2024 - Waste reduction and seperation projet for the offices of Alten - Establish a calendar for the project - Organizing visits and waste identification in order to establish a waste reduction strategy and communication around the projet - The project has not started yet but we are currently working with the organization to start at the end of the year.
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