Zero Waste Business Certification

Become one of the first Zero Waste Certified Businesses in Europe!

Want to accelerate your business’ zero waste transition? The MiZA Zero Waste Business Certification is the perfect way for European SMEs certify their zero waste journey, by:

  • committing to more ambitious circular goals
  • implementing greener and more sustainable policies and solutions in waste reduction and management
  • promoting circular economy practices at the local level

Why a Zero Waste Business Certification (ZWB)


This independent, third party assessed certification standard is based on over ten years of professional expertise and experience on the ground – performed by Zero Waste Europe (ZWE). ZWE is a non-profit environmental organisation, that has been engaging and supporting over the years almost hundreds of businesses and SMEs, committed towards zero waste and circular economy practices. Mission Zero Academy, powered by ZWE, works as a connection point between businesses and ZWE’s work, by further accelerating the fulfilment of your zero waste commitments at implementation level.

What to expect

Zero Waste Business Certification: what to expect

Based on the established Zero Waste Methodology by ZWE, the Certification has been designed to tailor your needs and expectations.

  • Trust and Credibility. Become recognised as a zero waste business frontrunner and showcase your work.
  • Compliance. Meet and go beyond national and EU requirements, thanks to the proven Certification model.
  • Value for Money. Save time and costs by an effective resource and waste management solution.
  • Environment and Health Protection. Help reduce pollution and cut down emissions.
  • Zero Waste Expertise. Access greater ZW expertise through online resources and local in-person guidance.
  • Customer Satisfaction. Customers are increasingly environmentally conscious. Make your customers happy and satisfied on your way towards circular economy and zero waste implementation.

Who is the Certification for

Zero Waste Business Certification: who is it for
    Reduce food waste, have circular take-away containers and much more to prove to your customers that dinners at your place are a green experience.
    Stand apart in your destination as the accommodation provider for wasteless holidays.
    Give your office occupants a productive and zero waste workday.
    Be the festival that makes sure everything from the venue flows to good use.
    Help your customers with their sorting challenges at home by not giving them anything to sort while they shop with you.

How does it work

Getting Certified is very simple: follow these four simple steps and boost your circular transition smoothly.


Welcome on board! Assess your current situation with your appointed local expert and comply with the first set of criteria. Become an ‘On the road to Zero Waste‘ Business and use the label proudly in your communications.


Comply with the second set of criteria (general and sector-specific modules – see below) and get all the support you need from our local partners.


Reach impressive results and changes, that the External Auditor will need to verify.


After the Audit’s confirmation, become a Zero Waste Certified Business in your sector. Check and update your plans once a year with MiZA’s support and keep improving!

The Certification is developed around a scorecard system, and has a modular structure.

  • On the road to Certification: same criteria for all businesses. Includes the commitment to zero waste and the necessary foundation which sets you up for success. You can download the criteria here.
  • General module: same criteria for all businesses. Includes basic actions that are applicable to all businesses regardless of sector. You can download the criteria here.
  • Sector-specific module: choose the one applicable to your sector. With this, we ensure that you belong to the best performers in your industry and you can be proud of your certification.

Please note that the ZWB Certification can only be issued by specialists and independent third-party auditors accredited by MiZA. We oversee the whole Certification process, monitor compliance and further develop the system.

Eager to boost your business’ circular transition?

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