Zero Waste Business Certification: early adopter

Make an early contribution and become one of the first Zero Waste Certified Businesses in Europe

After the success of the Zero Waste Cities Certification, Mission Zero Academy (MiZA) is launching the Zero Waste Business (ZWB) Certification. We want to accelerate the transition to zero waste, and SMEs are a big part of this acceleration as they contribute in large measure to the creation of waste.

At the moment, the certification focuses on restaurants and hotels. Other sectors will follow in a later stadium. Discover here more about the certification and its benefits.

Why should your business be an early adopter?

  • Become one of the first hotels or restaurants to get certified!
  • Boost the recognition of your business in your community and be one of the first (or even the first) SMEs in your country or sector to join the certification. 
  • Ensure early communication to your community about your zero waste commitment.
  • Support the first ZW Certification for Businesses at European level that will grow to be leading in its sector. By making an early investment, you help us grow our team of experts, training materials and tools. 
  • Get access to early discounts on the ZWB Certification, by becoming part of the first 100 small businesses to join.

How does it work?

  1. Contribute an amount ranging from € 200 to € 2.000 – your company decides the exact value.
  2. You will receive a digital stamp that you can publish on your communication channels.
  3. Your business logo will be published on our website in the list of early contributors, for the period of one year.
  4. Your contribution will be deducted on the final price of the certification when you start the process.

Become a sponsor

If your company is acting in a different sector, but you believe that the only path for the future is having a sustainable circular economy everywhere, consider sponsoring MiZA. By donating, you will get access to the Sponsor Badge and listed in MiZA’s sponsors list for a year. Discover more about becoming a sponsor.

Start your zero waste journey

Before accepting your contribution, MiZA will review your company’s profile to make sure your values and mission is aligned. If you want to make a bigger contribution, please contact us. Contribution does not grant you a certification. Certification will be granted after an independent audit evaluates your level of compliance to zero waste criteria. Read more.

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