21 Sep 2023

The Chedi Hotel ‘On The Road’ to becoming zero waste business

The Chedi Hotel ‘On The Road’ to becoming zero waste business

Tivat, 22 September – The Chedi Hotel in Luštica Bay, a distinguished member of The Leading Hotels of The World and nestled by the picturesque Adriatic Sea in Tivat, Montenegro, is on the road to solidifying its reputation as a beacon of luxury, sustainability, and exceptional guest experiences through its latest foray into zero waste practices.

Embracing its role as a premier 5-star hotel in Montenegro, The Chedi is at the forefront of MiZA (Mission Zero Academy) and its Zero Waste Business Certification project. Over the past few months, the hotel has embraced comprehensive zero waste training and implemented innovative strategies guided by Zero Waste Montenegro and MiZA, demonstrating its dedication to waste reduction and responsible practices.

Milica Jankovic, Director of Sustainability at The Chedi, affirms, “Our journey moving forward has made me look backwards. When we look for ways to reduce waste we have seen so much opportunity to give. Which was the way hotels engaged with their communities before. Good service was founded on giving. The farmer you help will later nourish you. Educating a child brings future solutions. Investing in staff builds your company’s core. This journey has not led us to only reduction but has increased our capacity to give.”

The efforts have already yielded significant results, including enhanced waste separation, strengthened recycling efforts in collaboration with Public Utility Company Komunalno Kotor, and monthly waste measurement to drive ongoing improvements. Additionally, The Chedi has creatively repurposed materials, such as crafting self-made soap from recycled remnants and supporting local businesses specializing in upcycled products.

The achievements of The Chedi can be attributed to several key factors. Firstly, there has been an impressive increase of nearly 30% in separated waste compared to 2022, a time when the hotel generated primarily general waste. Considering the hotel’s humble beginnings, this effort resulted in a substantial 55,712 kg of separated waste in the year 2023 alone.

“We are fully dedicated to embarking on a transformative journey to redefine luxury,” Jankovic continued, “prioritizing unmatched quality and responsible resource management. It has not been the clearest path, we learn as we go. What truly stands out is how our efforts to reduce waste also creates opportunities to positively impact and elevate our community beyond our initial expectations.”

A notable initiative is the use of refillable glass water bottles, an environmentally friendly alternative, with the bottling process showcased in a video on their website. The resort is also working to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles from its rooms and suites, underscoring its commitment to reducing plastic waste.

The Chedi Hotel emerges as a symbol of avant-garde luxury, a testament to the profound integration of environmental stewardship and world-class hospitality. Its unwavering commitment to these practices promises a future teeming with success.

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Learn more about the Mission Zero Academy’s Zero Waste Business Certification HERE.

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